Mar 2016
pytbull v2.1
pytbull v2.1 released (bug fixes)
Mar 2012
pytbull v2.0
pytbull v2.0 is now released as stable version. pytbull3 is in preparation (it will be fully rewritten in Django)
Dec 2011
pytbull v2.0 alpha 1 released
pytbull v2.0 alpha 1 has just been released. Significant changes since last stable version (v1.3):
  • creation of a conf/ dir to store configuration files
  • dedicated configuration file for backtrack (SF #3439537)
  • configuration file is now dynamically specified as arg in CLI
  • sqlite3 support (results are saved in the database)
  • dynamic report with search and graphs (SF #3308695, SF #3306761) based on Cherrypy web server
  • bruteForce module rewritten, old multipleFailedLogins (SF #3310130)
  • new module: ipReputation (SF #3306115)
  • new module: normalUsage (SF #3439544)
  • status updated (SF #3439541)
  • denialOfService module updated (SF #3439539)
  • reverseShell sync issue fixed (SF #3450032)
  • offline option added (SF #3438624)
  • warning banner added (SF #3310129)
  • part of interactive menu implemented (SF #3310123)
  • support of pattern matching for all modules (SF #3308727)
  • support for ftp, sftp and ftps (SF #3306961)
  • verbose switch for debugging (SF #3306837)
  • Grouping of all modules in a dedicated modules directory (SF #3306836)
  • tests syntax improved (SF #3306114) based on environment variables defined in configuration file
  • split between modules and classes (creation of a dedicated classes/ dir)
Jul 2011
pytbull has a new website
pytbull has a new website. Hope you'll enjoy it!