Stable release

Stable Release

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pytbull-2.1.tar.bz2 Mar 16, 2016 b412713c0c8e3cea449bc4008c34ca2407a9546c 706 KB
  • Bug #14: Dropbox Returning HTTP 429 due to bandwidth limitation (Dropbox policy)
  • Bug #13: ***ERROR in checkNewVersionAvailable: list index out of range
pytbull-2.0.tar.bz2 Mar 01, 2012 87218120d58e88ec9e5c2e8340ca71dec3faf877 2 MB
  • creation of a conf/ dir to store configuration files
  • dedicated configuration file for backtrack (SF #3439537)
  • configuration file is now dynamically specified as arg in CLI
  • sqlite3 support (results are saved in the database)
  • dynamic report with search and graphs (SF #3308695, SF #3306761) based on Cherrypy web server
  • bruteForce module rewritten, old multipleFailedLogins (SF #3310130)
  • new module: ipReputation (SF #3306115)
  • new module: normalUsage (SF #3439544)
  • status updated (SF #3439541)
  • denialOfService module updated (SF #3439539)
  • reverseShell sync issue fixed (SF #3450032)
  • offline option added (SF #3438624)
  • warning banner added (SF #3310129)
  • part of interactive menu implemented (SF #3310123)
  • support of pattern matching for all modules (SF #3308727)
  • support for ftp, sftp and ftps (SF #3306961)
  • verbose switch for debugging (SF #3306837)
  • Grouping of all modules in a dedicated modules directory (SF #3306836)
  • tests syntax improved (SF #3306114) based on environment variables defined in configuration file
  • split between modules and classes (creation of a dedicated classes/ dir)
pytbull-1.3.tar.bz2 May 20, 2011 b87812cca7626bbb95108e1207028b6e0306b59c 108 KB
  • Bug fix 3305244: Error while using reverse shell
  • Minor changes (check new version) due to migration of pytbull on Sourceforge
pytbull-1.2.tar.bz2 May 20, 2011 03cf11155247ba8555f51fcb3a9cb7b5472a7936 111 KB
  • Stable release
  • Feature: Now possibility to choose port for reverse shell. Thanks to Keith Pawson for the suggestion!
  • Bug fix: New test added to basic checks: port 22/tcp. Thanks Keith for reporting this bug!
  • Bug fix: New test added to basic checks: port 80/tcp. Thanks Keith for reporting this bug!
  • Bug fix: Error handling added in for getAlertsFile() function
  • Feature: Backtrack request added in docs/
pytbull-1.1.tar.bz2 May 13, 2011 de68c0327f30bef7673e9c4577ca459f48a39c37 109 KB
  • Stable release
  • Issue #2 fixed (test number incrementing twice just after the last test from multipleFailedLogins test)
  • Issue #3 fixed (pcapReplay module not present in the checks on STDOUT)
  • Code factoring in
  • Timing options are now in parameters (config.cfg)
  • Automatically checks and informs if a new version is available (use PROXY section in the configuration file if needed)
  • New basic checks: Checks that paths are valid
  • SVN tags added in source code
pytbull-1.0.tar.bz2 May 07, 2011 1d4e97a3a3ec0b473b074dbdaefe4013551013ec 41 KB
  • Stable Release
  • String pattern added (Checks presence of control signature) based on regular expressions. Not implemented for clientSideAttacks and multipleFailedLogins modules. Enables to validate test results by checking the presence of a string in the results.
  • pcapReplay test module added: pytbull now supports pcap replay based on tcpreplay
  • Parameter -i removed. No need to specify IDS/IPS type anymore. Support for other IDS/IPS than just Snort and Suricata, provided you can grab the alerts file via FTP
  • Issue #1 fixed
pytbull-0.3.tar.bz2 Apr 29, 2011 2ae9bcc47ccffc1c6715ca6bc42443dad1b13fbb 68 MB
  • Changelog
  • First Stable Release
pytbull-0.2.tar.bz2 May 07, 2011 ea9ca71f07ba25f859e7a986daa1733a4deb3cae 68 MB
  • Many changes in this release, including support for "client side attacks" module (reverse shell). See server/ directory.
pytbull-0.1.tar.bz2 May 07, 2011 2f2a1d21249636e9055335486ed6ae20372ec389 12 KB
  • Development Release
  • Initial beta release (some features are not implemented yet)

Development Release

If you wish to obtain the latest development release, install pytbull from Mercurial. As a prerequisite, install Mercurial:

$ sudo apt-get install mercurial

Then get pytbull as follows:

$ cd /opt/
$ sudo hg clone